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In 2023, being a dental assistant will be an even more rewarding experience than it is now. Self-driving technology and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the profession, enabling dental assistants to free up time they would have spent performing mundane tasks, and instead focus on activities where they can make the most impact.

One of the most exciting changes that will come to dental assistants in 2023 is the advent of self-driving technology in dental offices. This technology will enable dental assistants to perform tasks that are more complex or time-consuming than they can currently handle. For example, instead of manually cleaning a patient’s teeth, a dental assistant will be able to use self-driving technology to quickly and efficiently perform the task. Self-driving technology can also be used to help prepare a patient for a procedure, prepare anaesthetics and sterilize equipment.

Another area where dental assistants can expect big changes in 2023 is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI technology will allow dental assistants to quickly and accurately identify potential problems in a patient’s mouth, such as cavities or gum disease. AI will also be able to detect early signs of tooth decay and suggest ways to prevent it. Additionally, AI will be able to provide a patient with personalized advice to keep their teeth healthy.

The use of AI and self-driving technology will also allow dental assistants to focus on more interpersonal activities, such as providing comfort to a patient and building relationships with them. As the use of technology increases, dental assistants will become even more important in providing personalized care to patients.

Dental assistants in 2023 will also have the chance to take on more responsibility in the dental office. With the help of self-driving technology and AI, they will be able to handle more complex tasks, such as helping to diagnose and treat patients. Additionally, as more dentists become more comfortable with using technology, dental assistants will be able to take on more administrative roles, such as scheduling appointments and handling insurance claims.

In 2023, dental assistants will be able to use technology to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively, and also have the opportunity to take on more responsibility in the dental office. This technology-driven landscape will make being a dental assistant a more rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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