Count on the New England Teaching Institute to start you on your journey.

The New England Teaching Institute (NETI) at North Haven Dentists has a proven track record for excellence in preparing adults to become professional dental assistants. If you are looking to enter the field, count on us to give you the comprehensive training necessary for you to become a dental assistant in a variety of practice settings —immediately upon graduation.

Our classes are a combination of lecture and clinical practice, with actual hands-on training, in an 1800-square-foot operating dental office.

Join our program and receive:

  • exposure to a wide range of techniques, materials and dental knowledge
  • practical skills used in everyday practice
  • high-quality academic, laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical learning experiences
  • more personalized instruction as class size is limited to 12 students
  • a student-centric faculty and staff, that holds respect, dignity and support as the foundation of your academic journey with us.

For more information, call us at (203) 939-2045.

Dental assistants: a closer look at what they do

Dental assistants are an important part of the overall dental team. They are called upon to perform a variety of tasks — everything from patient care to office and laboratory duties.

Principal duties often include:

  • acting as liaison between the dentist and the patient
  • maintaining communication with the dentist, patient and front office staff to ensure each patient receives the best possible service and treatment.
  • being the dentist’s “right hand,” during treatment procedures
  • maintaining proper patient treatment records
  • informing patients of their pre- and post-operative instructions, as designated by the dentist
  • ensuring all OSHA policies and procedures are followed

Your career as a dental assistant is a win/win:

A worthwhile career that helps the well-being of patients.

Classes are starting soon so contact NETI today!